Its only December and I am already sick of this cold weather. I just cant wait for the days I can drive around with the windows down and feel the warm air on my face. Maybe spot a garage sale and get a few deals on some junk i will regret later buying...the joy of warm weather.

In the spirit of this weather and maybe in hopes to make it go by a lot faster []Pole[] is hosting a weekly Garage Sale in the mall. There will be carts set up so you may put up some sale items. These do not have to be new items. They can be reduced items. Also I am opening this to non store owners as well.. but limited as I do have to watch my prims. The schedule will be posted and applications will be taken.
Interested fill out and send back to Sutha Stoop

Mini App (Garage Sale)

Avi Name
Alt Name? (optional)
Store Name
Items you like to sell?
Prims you need?
For General Public how many prims you think you will be needind?
Day applying for?

Dec 30th
Jan 6th
Jan 20th & 21
Jan 27th
Feb 3rd
Feb 10th & 11th
Feb 15 th
Feb 17th
Feb 24th
March 2
March 9
March 17
March 20
March 24
March 30
April 7
April 14
April 16,17 & 18 (last Event) ALSO 18th is my birthday!

* if this event goes well and everyone enjoys is then this may become a standard event. but right now its just for winter!

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