Hunt Starts:
●Jan 15th 2010
●Feb 16th 2010

This hunt started out a little on the rocky side but we have gotten it all set and ready to go.. All SLURLS have been double checked. There have been hints that have been added to this as well.

The following stores have all be patient with me on organizing this. And if you were to meet me that not an easy thing to do. I would like to thanks everyone that has helped out the other vendors in this hunt and made it a little more smoother then it could have been. Thank you.

Never thought Chickens would like ribbons

  1. Wisent Animations : Landing on a big ribbon.
  2. A&A Designs : Midnight is the time bring in the New year
  3. Michigan Shack :Since when do chickens wear ribbons
  4. Bitten & Bound : Resolutions to love more.
  5. PQD Main(Bone Daddy) : Think it counts as Broken Resolution if it happens in Mardi Gras
  6. Brass In Pockets :Tie a ribbon around the tree
  7. Sirens Song : on the waterfront up high on top of the square......is a bow not tiki you looking for.
  8. Photon's Castle : That gaint bag of candy sure looks Yummy!
  9. Alexohol Fashions Mainstore : Slam it in the corner
  10. .::Poised : Getting a little on the gothic this new year might be fun
  11. x-Factory : have a tp on the landingpoint to the huntareal, its a little wild west scene in my store and the bow is on the horse-tail
  12. ~Lantian~ : Things will turn around. *NO PRIZE JUST LM*KEEP MOVING
  13. Lutricias Luxuries Heels:Boots : Walking past it might be a mistake.
  14. [BedLam] : Dont Shred the bow.
  15. StyleBox : Finders Keepers
  16. **Butterfly Effect** :
  18. Euphoria! NO hunt item out will update when i know more.
  19. Second look Art & Photo Studios - Just Given a little neko Love
  20. Vicarious Vitae : Find the deadline for Seattle.
  21. [AJ] Allep Jeans : Look so pretty in pink jeans
  22. *Rezipsa Loc @ Onyx Mall : Just ask Martha
  23. GnoOdles'z & KicksROCK! :Last minute add on to hunt be patient
  24. The Ancient Tree Kimono Shop : Female Gift: Above a rock
  25. Vamp Equip : the Ribbon is at rest
  26. XXXXXX
  27. Magia Mainstore :"Who's the fairest of them all?" The Queen kept asking me
  28. Rusty Rhodes : Ribbon for your hair..tattoos for your face
  29. Saris And PasFute Land :A little bow looks so nice in the mirror.
  30. KK's Design :You may need to rest from all the hunting.
  32. Shouted Couture : Drop them a notecard and you may find it.
  33. Joes Ink Tattoo Shop :
  34. Jazmyn D: Skins, Shapes & More : Bow and Boots..sexy
  35. Palais Beds : Be sure to water the plants before you go.
  36. Lemania indigo Designs :Be sure not to walk over it.
  37. The Black Orchid Shop :
  38. XTG Designs :
  39. [XII] :Be sure to check out the bars upstairs.
  40. D&V Creations :Dont give up hope that you wont find this one
  41. Collard :SHAKE! SHAKE! SHake that butt let see what you got.
  42. !!Fantavatar!! :
  43. ~RnB Design Furniture : If you switch on the light you'll see me
  44. A&A Designs : Look up ^
  45. Le Belle Dame : If you dont notice this big bow..you may need glasses
  46. Loser Designs : In the middle up against the wall
  47. CB Designs Furniture : This one is a great deal.
  48. Petunia : Hamsters Like pink ribbons.
  49. Marvela's Dress Shop : Jodeen thinks she looks hot with that ribbon
  50. Avatar Bizarre : A passage to India
  51. Culture Cannibals : Thats a fashionable ribbon on her waste.
  52. JG Designs : Achmed just might kill you.
  53. +Poetry Melody+ : Add a little light to the subject.
  54. Corner of Revolving Times :Go up the stairs and find the purple tree
  55. .::Delirium::. :Look up at these ADS.
  56. Indyra Originals :
  57. Matilda's Shop :You have travelled far searching high and low
  58. Midnight Dream Shopping
  59. **Kabuki Creations*~* : Its Just another love story.
  60. Minge Ninja :Addicts’ moods begin to sway when they don’t get their fix. When chemical levels are out of sorts one may think they are doped up even when they are running low… lending to sleepless nights and irritability.
  61. Decor Delight :I think the white vase is the prettiest
  62. Sandwrittings Inc. : Me and you forever.
  63. Yes Oui Si Fashions : That ribbon looks goon on her white dress.
  64. Dream [Adoption] : Grab a broom and sweep under the couches.
  65. Trend Leader Mall : The example is more then it seems.
  66. **Mustang Trading Post : The guy with the cowboy hat knows where its at.
  67. *Zari* :
  68. Grumble* Grumble : Get some Tail.
  69. MiGi Mix : Bow a little shy hidding behind the shell.
  70. Vanilla Guestures :Life is like a box of chocolates
  71. Blackstar :
  72. [DC] Dangerous Cinsations : Store credit... i dont think so.
  73. Klam designs :May need to put on a jacket.
  74. *DivaLicious* MainStore :I dare you to find this one.
  75. ::STRAY:: : you may find me under a fungas
  76. Hearts Desire :The bed maybe striped and the pillows are matching but its that bow behind that woodstane frame that stickin out.
  77. Dstinct Designs : Thinks it can hide behind the couch
  78. Belles : Female : Time to take a break from hunting and go for a swim. Mens: Stop at the trailer and have a hot dog.
  79. Juneberry Art Glass :
  80. Curvature Pose & Shapes for women
  81. H. Allen Steampunk
  82. Khargo : Look up and DOWN and find the where apollo has landed.
  83. A netherworld Might need to get small to fit thru that door.
  84. T.S.D. Virtual Clothing Outfiters : House of the rising sun.
  85. Phobia : COMING SOON-NO really look in the coming soon.
  86. GC Girlfriends Closet :
  87. LINE
  88. SiamInk Designs(PART ONE) Condeo Art Mainstore
  89. JB Sterlings
  90. KittyCats Creations