As of May 28th here is who is accepted in the Inked and Vintage Flair Hunt. Remember this is not in hunt order nor does it mean that it will be one of the top ten that are featured in the hunt. The featured list will start in June and keep going till the hunt is on and going.

Accepted In the hunts

  • Voltai
  • Moloko
  • Nostr@s
  • El Oh El
  • SOTD
  • Potpourri Boutique
  • Timekeeper Tattoo
  • BedLam
  • Gotcha Designs
  • Saris Creations
  • Bound&Bitten
  • Nykeria
  • STD Shameless Bits
  • LuAll Designs
  • DooDads
  • GenkiGenki
  • Wisent Animations
-------Vintage Flair--------
  • Ducknipple
  • Xplosion
  • Wisent Animations
  • aMuse
  • BedLam
  • Before Sleep
  • FIN *Relive the fifties
  • MAC's SuperShack
  • Framed
  • Abundantia
  • Belle Dame Sans
  • A&A Designs
  • Gothica
  • STB Shameless Bits
  • Pink A Boo
  • El Oh El
  • Voltai
  • SOTD
  • May's Soul
  • Nykeria
  • DoDads
  • GenkiGenki



I do these hunts monthly, but for the time being I am taking a Mini-break. I will be on SL. I will be organizing a two new hunts. The difference is I am not starting them till July and August. Not to far away but far enough for a vacation kind of thing. I will continue 40L Hump Day Madness. So still apply and see who in it.

Thanks everyone
Sutha Stoop

Following are the NEW Hunt Announcements.

Vintage Flair
July 8th-30

Aug. 1-30