Store: OwlToast

A little about the store owner.

The store owner comes to Second Life all the way from Indiana. She has a real background in design and art and enjoys just making items. The store owner is Sutha Stoop, yep as a lot of you that know that me. I wanted to make a quick blog about the store to get this idea rolling.

About the store.

OwlToast started awhile ago but had to rebrand itself. The store is located on the Whisper sim and is one of the longest stores besides the owners and a handful of other that have been there since the sim opened. The idea behind the store is to give everyone good quality items at a low price and I strive for that everyday.


Find all about new items at Owltoast http://owltoasts.blogspot.com/


OwlToast sells clothes for women, and some men. They also offer furniture sets or buy pieces and mix and match the way you want for that unique look. OwlToast also has random odd items like sunglasses, mouthies, necklaces or any kind of random whatnots the owner feels like making. OwlToast also offers Shapes and Skins and can upon request make a custom shape or skin (but warning those cost just a little more)


OwlToast does have a few weekly sales that go on.

  1. Lazy Sunday (Sometimes I don't remember which week I am so if you go to the store there is usually one item that is for sale for 75L just look for the sign)
  2. 50L Fashion Weekend- This starts every Friday night till Monday morning. There is one fashion items (Skin, shape or clothing item) for sale for 50L
Hunts, hunts, hunts!
For the current hunt list place go to the wall. This month there are three hunts so far. But as this blog will last longer then the hunts. There is always a new hunt that will start and OwlToast is always looking to be in interesting hunts.


As some of you may already know I no longer organize hunts in SL. I however will be blogging about hunts and and posting hunts that are going on in SL. If you have any info and would like to be seen on this sight. Let me know IN-WORLD.

I will also be commenting on store blogs and linking everything together. If you a store owner/manager/ CEO or someone of importance. Then lets chat. I would like to get a well rounded experience on this subject of hunts and stores.