New Updated List...Ive added like a few new store to the list.
This is not in any hunt order so haha .. lol

  • Grim Death co.
  • CanCoon Fashion
  • MarMar Creation
  • Urban Republic
  • A Bumpy Ride
  • its Cake
  • Broken Doll
  • Dyadica Faire
  • Saimink Design
  • icarus
  • Envy
  • Dangerous Creations
  • Xen Builds
  • Shadow Moon
  • B[U]yme Skins
  • Passionate Neko
  • EndixHomme Skins
  • Visual instinct
  • Trvenchy
  • ErotiXXX Guestures
  • Cleo Designs
  • ODB: Old Dirty Bastard
  • Misera
  • diavolicious
  • craire
  • S. Berry
  • aRAWRa
  • Sonic Death Monkey
  • Dark Desire Custom Tattoo
  • Body Canvas
  • Sek's Electric Kreation
  • Flirt : Boutique
  • Filthy Things
  • Lemania Indigo Designs
  • Dark Vision Gothic
  • GenkiGenki
  • DooDads
  • LuAll Designs
  • STD: Shameless Bits
  • Nykeria
  • Malfean Vision
  • SOTD
  • Saris Creation
  • Bella's
  • Xplosion
  • Tribal Soul Design
  • Voltai
  • Bound and Bitten
  • Pole
  • Gothcha Design
  • Potpourri Boutique
  • Zibber's Jewelry & Silk
  • moloko
  • Wisent Animations
  • TImeKeeper Tattoo
  • BedLam
  • Nost@tes

Vintage Flair

The FINAL LIST for Vintage Flair.

--Hunt Hints coming soon. Slurls will follow as well. For a complete HUNT Hint List join group or go to FIN or Pole. Available July 8th.

  1. FIN *Relive the Fifties "Would that be for take out or DINE in?"
  2. aMuse "Hunting is such hard work, Have a rest on the cushions"
  3. Voltai Come into my house, sit down and take a rest. You can find the pink bottle in this room.
  4. Xplosion *Has hint Notecard on Location
  5. May Soul "Behind the candle you can find me"
  6. Before Sleep *Has hunt giver.. first clue "Mirror Mirror"
  7. Pole "No sense crying over spilled fruit."
  8. BedLam "Skip on down and get dog tagged."
  9. Abuntantia "Miss Fortune would hate to loose her vintage bottle"
  10. Ducknipple " Look over a bridge'
  11. Framed "Everything looks vintage with a star in front."
  12. SOTD
  13. Bella's *Has hint giver
  14. Wisent Animations
  15. Le Belle Dame Sans Merci "The scent attracts butterflies"
  16. Allep Jeans
  17. A&A Designs
  18. STB: Shameless Bits
  19. Brass in Pockets "Does perfume have a SHELF life?"
  20. Pink A Boo! "Sit and relax for awhile"
  21. Tribal Soul Design
  22. Kabuki Creations **MOVES item during hunt
  23. Hatpins "Some Aggressive types find it soothing"
  24. Wrapture "Lingerie"
  25. Decor Delight
  26. Gothica SKIP DROPPED OUT.
  27. Nykeria
  28. DooDads
  29. GenkiGenki "Swear by pink!"
  30. Endix Homme Skins
  31. Doolhof
  32. Envy Designs "I just Adore you!"
  33. Zahir Designs
  34. Lemania Indigo Designs
  35. Shadow Moon "Y'All come back ya hear!"
  36. Cilan'gal Boutique "Meet me in Harmony"
  37. Diavolicious
  38. ODB "ODB To the OMG is that guy upside down."
  39. aRaWra This one is DEER To my heart"
  40. [JP]:dsg
  41. V Tattoo Store "Are you tired after all this exhausting journey? Take a break and rest a little!"
  42. Flirt Boutique "There will be many but only my strawberry girl knows it!"
  43. Sigma Jewels "Pearls"
  44. Sonic Death Monkey "In the nooks and cranny's you will find the final prize"



This is the updated add-on list for vintage flair and inked.

This includes the list already below in sneek peek.

_____VINTAGE FLAIR__________
  • Tribal Soul Designs
  • Naku Nishi
  • Hatpins
  • Grim Death Co.
  • Visions Gallery
  • Wrapture!
  • Decor delights
  • Allep Jeans
  • Pole
  • Malfean Visions
  • Tribal Soul Designs
  • Zibber's Jewelry & Silk
  • Naku Nishi
  • Clothes culture
  • Dark Vision Gothic
  • Grim Death Co.
  • Cancoon Fashions
  • MarMar Creations

Princess Hunt 2-Update for June 9th

This is the anniversary Hunt. Marking one year by doing the first hunt all over again just cause we can. I just handing out the appications today so there will be more but so far this is the exciting news I got today and a great response so far.

So far here are the stores RETURNING for more punishment lol.

  • Passionate Neko
  • DivaLicious
  • Before Sleep
New to Princess Hunt 2.
  • Iheart
  • PQD
  • Wicked Flamingo
  • Venus Fashion
  • Last Touch


Can you believe it....one year of hunts. Yep that is right on Sept 5th marks the very first hunt that was ever put on for hunters group. Man the time has flown by. I have seen stores go from tiny shops to full size sims to others that have sadly left us. There have been way to many sleepless night and stressful days to count and yet call me insane but thru the unorganized mess as i call it there have been some fun hunts and I managed to made some amazing friends. So as I am typing this I was thinking lets do the very first hunt all over again . lets travel back in time and do the PRINCESS HUNT all over. Excpet its now Princess hunt 2.

I am calling all the original stores that where in the first hunt. I am doing the best to find you all.
Allep Jeans
Maggie and Mommy Closet (GOne)
Misty sea-Art jewlery (GONE)
Calia French Cuisine
Calia Design
Suri-Us Skin (CAN"T FIND)
Passionate neko
A&A Design
Magicland Park
Gairdin Na Sidhe Wedding shop (Cant FIND)(GONE?)
Little Girl Main shop (CANT FIND) (GONE?)
Earth JewEL
Forest Lake Fairytale (gONE?)
Kandi wrapper kids stores
Alexohol Fashion
Menlosophy (goNE?)
ccc.. chelsea Childrens cloth
Troublesome kitties
Funky Town
Cutie honey
Blood Bound
Photon Photo
Before Sleep
Tegan & Scorpy
Intrigue Co.

*IF you are one of the store listed and like to be in the anniversy hunt that will take place Sept 3rd- Oct. 1st. simple return this with your name/partner names/contact name include your store name and LM as well and return to Sutha Stoop. I hope everyone that was in the first hunt is doing well. Ill be talking to you all soon. Thanks.


This week Update June2nd

The Hunt is still open for those that like to join. So far we have a good list of store joining the hunt. By now those that have joined the hunt should at least have there hunt poster and displayed. If you don't let me know.

Also tomorrow is 40L Madness Wednesday.

This week 40L Wednesday Madness list can be found in-world along with the NEW BLOG.

40L Wednesday Madness