Photo Contest UPDATE

I would first and for most like to thank everyone that entered the contest. You all made it difficult to pick a winner. But none the less on Jan 20th a winner was picked. And the contest is obviously closed.

The winners were
Cecily Fhang and Young Crazyboi
Congrats to the winner.
Here is the picture and the sign that will be seen gridewide.
The picture will be seen gridewide
Stay posted for more Potty Mouth hunt updates.

You can be pictured here?

Photo Contest- Looking for two good avi.. most be at least 60 days old, good skin, shape, eyes and hair. Prize is 1000L and your picture will be posted on my blog along with my flicker. The avi names will be put on the poster so if you dont want to be known then dont enter. The contest starts now and goes until Jan 20 winner will be announced the following day .

Here is what you need to do.


SL age

Sl Rezz day ( birthday)

Place photos here: a few headshots, body or whatever are your best.. please put more then one if you can.

Why you want to do this?

what you hope to gain from it:

Winner most be available in the evening during the week. I am flexiable about the day but I am never here on the weekends. If winner is not present or is hard to contact I will go to the next person. Winner does not recieve lindens untill photo have been taken. Winner(s) will also be given and NO perm picture of the photo taken for your own portfolio or whatnot.

Name of winner will be put on the poster and be announced by full name.. If you dont want to be known for some reason please dont enter.

Judging will be done by me and a few friends of mine that have nothing to do with the hunt. My friends will not know who is who and they are to give a honest opinion. The contest photo will be taken by me and posted on my blog. and tossed around as hunt poster gridewide. so looks are important i know sounds shallow but true. any questions just ask.

Thanks Bunches
Sutha stoop (Copy past this to a notecard and send inworld)