That right a 10l gridewide sale will be going on in the middle of Potty Mouth hunt. The stores that have been asked by the hunt organizers will be participating. There is one sign to look for and the item up for sale will be next to it. There is no item to look for as this isnt a hunt but rather a sale of various items.

It our way of appreciating all the hunters out there who love to hunt. Have put up with some of well me the main organizer chaos and sometimes un-organized skills. And maybe if there good and positive feedback maybe this can be something extra to do in a hunt.. never know. Im just trying to make these hunt a little more fun and little more insane. lol

How it works.
In order to get the items you have to be a member of the group. All items will be set so that the group can only purchase them. If you need an invite just look for the Potty mouth, Cabin Fever or Broken Resolution and touch the board and get the invite. Or just simply ask me if you can not find them.

Who is in this:
  • Brass In Pockets
  • Naku Nishi
  • Michigan Shack
  • Wisent Animations
  • Poised
  • Dark Matter
  • Kokee's
  • The Black Orchid Shop
  • Pole
  • Grumble Grumble
  • Sour Pickle
  • DivaLicious
  • [KAYFO]
  • Sour Pickle
  • biohazard Rocker wear
  • SHHH...designs
  • Nishi designs
  • pink a boo
A notecard will be send out Feb 25 with the LM. There will be no order to which you have to go. so feel free to go in any order but be sure to visit them all and see what they have to offer.


Apple of my Eye

Starts April 2nd Ends April 30
Accepting application till hunt is full or till March 21 which ever comes first. (Only taking 60)

Open to Kids place and Not to Adult Main stores
If you have the following in your store please do not apply
-sexual role play items or clothing
-To mature for kids to see
- NO CLUB OR MALLS (Unless your a shop in the mall or your main store is located in the mall)

Interested please send note card to Sutha Stoop or Xandra Bressig.

Please refer to the blog here to see if you are in the hunt before asking either of us. Asking does not get us to accept you in the hunt please be patient and wait to see. If you are not in the hunt or have no notice then you were either to mature for this hunt or we didn't get the application in the event please contact one of us if you have been waiting longer then a week. Also if you see your name and didn't not receive hunt poster or any information please contact us. sl does like to eat stuff. Thanks ahead of time for your interest.

Accepted in the hunt. (New Applicants will be added every Friday till the close of hunt)
  1. Sour Pickles
  2. Kick.Rock
  3. Just 4 kids
  4. Love My Textures
  5. MollyWorld Dwellings
  6. GenkiGenki
  7. So Berry Licious
  8. Toxic Star
  9. Tao Tao Tano
  10. Purely Kids
  11. Brass In Pockets
  12. Mouthiiz
  13. Guestures by Nykeria
  14. Evaki
  15. Peer kids
  16. KandiWrapper
  17. Gothly Totz
  18. Shiny Shop Toy Store
  19. Sunshine Designs Kids
  20. JellyBean Furniture
  21. Dream
  22. Hello Kitty Land
  23. Larnia Kids
  24. Silus* Touch ({[S*T]})
  25. Follow the Rabbit
  26. Preshious princess
  27. Happy Tots
  28. Candy Moon
  29. Apple Blossom Kids
  30. Infinity Creations
  31. The Fairy Short
  32. Flutterfly Sugerplum and tots rule
  33. Appletree
  34. [EmEx]
  35. The Funny Farm
  36. LeoDesigns
  37. Kawaii Panda
  38. KISHI
  39. Terpsichore



As of Monday Feb 15th 2010 this will be the logo for Hunters Group.If you like this logo please leave a comment about it. If you want to find the scribe-o just look for this logo on Dream located on Rocky River.

Hope you all enjoy.


Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever (Is it Summer Yet!)

If your like me then your probably crawling the walls around March. Looking out the window at the bitter cold and waiting just like the kids for a warm day. I know spring is before summer but that can be a tease with the buds on the trees appearing only to disappear as it suddenly drops in temperature. Well if you cant wait for the summer heat to come warm us up then this hunt is for you.

Theme for this hunt is summer items, shorts, tanks, outdoor items and fun. Anything that will be cool and relaxing.

The hunt start March 22-April 22


UPDATED 3.23.10



Items you will find...All items are based on the idea of having a potty mouth or well protesting a potty mouth. You will find MOUTH items, Decor for your house, Funny items to wear, Piercing, Both male and female clothing and so many more surprises.

Starts Feb 16
Ends March 20th

Virgo Panacek- Owner of Sour Pickle. Thanks for helping with the hunt and everything else you do. Much love to you.

*Hunt Hints and Order been kept a secret till now. SOO Without any more chat lets get this F**K hunt movin.

Hints/SLURLS/All in order. --Problems send NOTECARD to Sutha Stoop.
  1. Sour Pickle : Don't forget to take this when you go to schoool =)
  2. Passionate Neko: skip till further notice 2.16.10
  3. Trashy : skip till further notice 2.16.10
  4. LeoDesigns : Labeled #000 but dont ask them any question...you just might find it.
  5. filthy Glitter : What's the name of the hunt again? Potty mouth? Better check the potty then...
  6. [KAYFO] :Walls Need Love
  7. ezura : (3 lips) 1. Where is the doll with red striped socks? 2. A crown but not for your head. 3. Can these be used for puppets?
  8. Michigan Shack : it is in the hunt hint board.
  9. [BedLam] : "Look behind the shrubbery"
  10. .:GC:. Girlfriends Closet : skip till further notice 2.17.10
  11. Kokee : Come in and take a seat!
  12. DavationZ :
  13. Ali Couture : Let me be the punisher for ur potteh mouth
  14. Dark Matter : loyalty has it's own rewards.
  15. Sassy Kitty Designs : Catch the kiss coming from the ceiling
  16. DivaLicious : Kiss me..I "DARE YA"
  17. Gems & Kisses : spider
  18. Wisent Animations : you will need to search where groups are!
  19. Diamond Jules Art Gallery : Women think Sexiness is behind their legs
  20. Bound & Bitten : it's Easel to find!
  21. Tropicana Video Rentals : Skip for now 2.16.10
  22. Beldimi Designs : skip for now 2.16.10
  23. Dream : dont get caught on tape saying fuck.
  24. Euphoria :
  25. Pink A Boo : Looking straight ahead on landing poing find the Directors chair, now a little to the right...
  26. Lutricias Luxuries :Old Hunt sign. skip for now 2.16.10
  27. Nasty Neko : Look High but not below and watch for Zombies they keep you on your toes
  28. Dogstar : Sometimes all you need is a good fuck.
  29. ROtten Defiance : Shop @ [RD]
  30. The Black Orchid :Sit back and take a seat might find someone or something to talk to.
  31. Delightasia :
  32. Biohazard Rocker wear : You've got mail.
  33. Rezipsa Loc : Go Ask Elizabeth where your gift is!
  34. DUIBAI :
  35. Tree House Treasure : might need a little luck to find this one!
  36. Juice : Hot lips look better in the light.
  37. SSH.. Designs : Look for Aphrodite for a kiss!
  38. [XII] Gothic Furniture : Getting twice the kisses is always nice.
  39. Abundantia : look to your west.
  40. Frankenlust Holiday Shoppe : OOo get that potty mouth in the corner.
  41. Amaya's Music Guestures : skip for now. 2.16.10
  42. Touch of Sun : If he were to Dare and bart it..will you bite it with your potty mouth.
  43. Donnerwetter X-Factory : Even Blab has a potty mouth
  44. Trashtastic Designs : That flamingo sure does have a potty mouth.
  45. BoJanaFashions :Lets go race in this flashy red sportscar.
  46. Lilith : 1. they have broad wings, a human neck and face, clawed feet and swallen, feathered bellies they claw their lamentation in the eerie trees...and this one is dead. 2. Shreik like mandrakes torn out of the earth
  47. A&A Designs : Kiss this rental goodbye
  48. nykeria :
  49. Framed : you've been frammed
  50. Satiated Desire Mainstore ((ADULT)) :.... Beware caged lips.
  51. Tranquility Frames & Design :Dont let the lips kiss you on your way out.
  52. [POLE] COMING SOON!: These lips are kissin the sand by a pillow.
  53. Grumble Grumble : Kiss me Baby
  54. Nlimbo Custom poses : another brick in the wall.
  55. KK Designs : I Spy something Red.
  56. Vannilla Guestures :red lips belong in a dark area
  57. Soul Distruction : even skulls have a potty mouth
  58. Pixie Dust Sweets Shoppe : Skip till further notice 2.17.10
  59. Stamens : Skip till further notice 2.17.10
  60. Poised Mainstore : Make up your Mind! Oh how cute! you are blushing?