Circus Freaks Hunt List

-This is the official hunt list for Circus Freaks. In this hunt you will be looking for a crazy looking Top Hat. Have fun and this time around due to cheaters and such there will be NO HUNT HINTS.

  • Wisent Animations
  • Evaki Main Shop
  • Zombie Love Mainstore
  • Grumble! Grumble
  • Grim Death Co.
  • Shush
  • Rainbow Soup
  • Paddys Mainstore
  • Mac's Super Shack
  • Dead Bunny
  • aMuse
  • B-Dazzled
  • TroubleMaker Designs
  • DivaLicious
  • [BedLam]
  • Body by Rae
  • Brass In Pockets
  • LoveBirds Paradise
  • Gothica
  • Trouble Rebel
  • Headcase
  • Love My Texture
  • Decor Delights
  • sSh..designs
  • Abuntantia
  • Frosted Myst Literature and Arts
  • Forged with Stars
  • Hardies
  • Sour Pickle
  • White Widow
  • Kabuki Creations
  • Deadbold & Robotic Arms Gallery
  • Concrete Flowers
  • Ye Olde Pirate Shoppe

kill for it Hunt

Dear Hunters

We are officially announcing the, Kill for It Hunt, Brace your selves for the Thrill of Hunt with us at B&T, Its gonna be Exciting as ever, The Thrill of Hunting now Redefined!

It will last from 25th april to 25th may
and will start at B&T DesignZ with a not ending chain

Do not wait and get a total new feeling of shopping. You will get high quality stuff for free. It will be a challenge for sure but that’s the way to have fun at it. You will have an amazing time at it and get high quality stuff and you will meet amazing friends there.
Join the hunt and have fun cause I would Kill for It

We are having 20 stores in it where you can hunt for the things you need in Second Life to survive. Clothes, accesoires , furniture , animations.

Follow the hunt chain to get everything which is in the hunt.

We hope You gonna have fun here.
Hunt Coordinaters
Binny Lemon and Trent Riddler


The First ever 40L Wednesday Madness!

~Yep its been talked about.. People are interested. And FINALLY its here. The first 40L Wednesday Madness. Why wednesday you ask..well everyone needs a little happy in the middle of the crazy week so why not. This will take place April 28th and where you start is up to you. The notecard will be sent out in the group and various scribe-o things thru the store and the hunters group. So far the list is coming together and if you like to be apart of it I will take a few more no later then April 19th. The application is on the side of this blog.

Sutha Stoop


Pride Brighten Up the Darkness

The Following are the stores that are in the Hunt so Far. If you do not see your name and You have entered Please send another notecard or resend. I have had some Major Inventory Issues and I lost alot. I am working on this Sorry.

  • {ZKT'S}
  • Evaki
  • Wisent Animation
  • Rozza Roze BBW Fashion
  • White Widow
  • Phobia
  • Saris Creations
  • B-Dazzled
  • Hello Kitty Land
  • Abundantia
  • Grumble
  • Sour Pickle
  • Body By Rae
  • Mouthiiz
  • Tranquility Frames & Designs
  • A&A Designs
  • Belle Accessories
  • Brass in Pockets
  • SSH...Designs
  • Reigning Realms Monthly Headquaters
  • MollyWorld Dwelling
  • Kabuki Creations
  • Kittens Fashion and Accessories
  • USC Texture Tomb
  • Hardies
  • MAC's Supershack
  • [EmEx]
  • DiBoutique
  • Dream Adoption
  • STB Shameless Bits
  • aMuse
  • DivaLicious Mainstore
  • ! LAVAL helicopters & Planes
  • Terpsichore's
  • [NV] Mainstore
  • Rainbow Soup
  • Bound & Bitten
  • 22769 Casual Couture
  • TroubleMaker
  • Shush
  • El Oh El
  • Dogma
  • Sun Eskimos
  • CaTTeaze Store
  • McBrideFashion Outlet
  • Siren Song
  • Template Craze
  • Pole
  • Boof


Hints for Apple of My Eye Hunt

1. Sour Pickles "Care for a refreshing dip?"
2. kick.ROCK "There's nothing like a good mud bath"
3. Just 4 Kid Kreations "The apple better watch out or it will be made into apple sauce under the car tires."
4. Love My Textures "You are the apple of my eye and the light of my life!"
5. MollyWorld Dwellings "Mmmmm...lunch!"
6. GenkiGenki! "Apples are sweetier ripe"
7. So Berry Licious "Do apples grow on BEANSTALKS?"
8. Toxic Star -SKIP FOR NOW
9. TaoTao Tano -SKIP FOR NOW
10. Purely Kids "Yummy...iceing"
11. Brass in Pocket Kids "Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm hidden in plain sight, and has nothing to do with blue."
12. Mouthiiz "Though I am not real, you give me life with every breath you take."
13. Gestures By Nykeria "Come take out an Ad"
14. Evaki "The bunnies hid me in the garden."
15. Peer Kiddz "The all seeing eye is guard by three robtos..."
16. KandiiWrapper SKIP FOR NOW
17. Gothy Totz "Every good apple loves a good story."
18. Shiny Shop Toy Store "It is above a machine"
19. Shunshine Design Kids "Sit down and soon you'll can eat the apple of my eye"
20. !JellyBean Furniture SKIP FOR NOW
21. Dream "Lets rock out old school and listen to music on these"
22. Hello Kitty Land "When Snow White ate an apple, she could have used this after what happened to her."
23. Larnia Kids "Playful is the way to be!"
24. Silus *Touch ([{S*T}]) SKIP FOR NOW
25. Follow The Rabbit SKIP FOR NOW
26. Preshious Princess "Look by Marshas toes"
27. Happ ToTs "Guitar anybody?"
28. Candy Moon "No hint, look near sign"
29. Apple Blossom Kids SKIP FOR NOW
30. Infinity Creations "It's not a cupcake, but very close"
31. TheFairty Short "Where the rainbows fall, and the water shines."
32. Flutterfly Sugarplum and the tots rule "Look upstairs"
33. Appletree "In store"
34. [EmEx] "Apples before bedtime are never healthy, better put them away so the eyes can rest."
35. The FunnyFarm "Near the sweet is the treat you seek"
36. LedoDesigns "It is an apple of an egg here on the floor"
37. Kawaii Panda "A photo can help you find your prize."
38. KISHI "The hamster likes apples"
39. Terpsichore's "This apple is wedged"