kill for it Hunt

Dear Hunters

We are officially announcing the, Kill for It Hunt, Brace your selves for the Thrill of Hunt with us at B&T, Its gonna be Exciting as ever, The Thrill of Hunting now Redefined!

It will last from 25th april to 25th may
and will start at B&T DesignZ with a not ending chain

Do not wait and get a total new feeling of shopping. You will get high quality stuff for free. It will be a challenge for sure but that’s the way to have fun at it. You will have an amazing time at it and get high quality stuff and you will meet amazing friends there.
Join the hunt and have fun cause I would Kill for It

We are having 20 stores in it where you can hunt for the things you need in Second Life to survive. Clothes, accesoires , furniture , animations.

Follow the hunt chain to get everything which is in the hunt.

We hope You gonna have fun here.
Hunt Coordinaters
Binny Lemon and Trent Riddler

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