May Hunt.

Pride Brighten up the Darkness Starts May 1-30
As Summer gets closer and closer all I can think about is the parades and festival that are going to happen everywhere. I have to say one Parade I love and that Pride. So this hunt in May will be Pride Brighten up the Darkness. This hunt is going to be different I am accepting EVERYONE that wants to join. If you have pride then you can be in the hunt. It doesn't matter if your gay or straight its all about being open minded. If you like to be in this one copy and paste the general application and send back to Sutha Stoop.

Theme for your items Just suggestions, but something rainbow, gay pride, unisex item. These are just ideas as always its up to you and your creative skills. Sky is the limit.

Circus Freaks Starts May 15th-June 15th

As I was saying the summer coming I do think of festivals and fairs and who can forget the Circus. Applications for this hunt will be limited to the first 70. If I get a good response I may open to more stores.

Theme, just go crazy with it. Have fun and be creative.

Fill out General application on the sidebar and send to Sutha stoop.


40L madness

40 L Madness

New From Hunters Group is a gride-wide 40L madness sale that will happen every Wednesday.

The first one is to start April 7th. If you like in please copy paste this application and paste it on a note card and send inworld to Sutha Stoop. Be sure to rename your notecard 40L madness (your avi & store name)

Please see application on the sidebar of the blog. thanks Sutha Stoop (sue)


Cabin Fever Official Hunt List!

Sponsored By:

oo1. "need to take a dip?"
002. [The hint is in the hint board all over the store]
003. "just at eye level"
004. "How many seconds does have to be before you cant eat something off the floor?
005. "Indulge me to find your gift."
006. Be sure not to stain those new jeans.
007. "Man its hot, lets go to the corner where its cooler"
008. "Where is the best place for a Popsicle?"
009. "Those shorts do look yummy."
010. two Popsicle. Pink: Sticky hips. Brown: Is it a cupcake or a Popsicle.
011. Mmmm.....Tater Tots
012. "look in the docks for a special surprise."
013. 1."take a break and get some mediation done. #2. take Tp to [pole] "Is that a door or a shelf?"
014. "Midnight is the time to find this one."
015. "That silly dog stole my ice pop!"
016. "Be sure not to sit on it."
017. "Does this handbag match my shoes?"
018. Dropped Out SORRY!
019. "pure white to show you my pride"
020. "Look up..wayyy up and hope the ice pop doesn't drip on your head."
021."what goes up must come down."
022. "you Need to wash your hands, after eating something so sticky"
023. "look whats sprouting up."
024. "Why dont you take a break and soak in the tub."
025. "Its time to store all those winter clothes."
026. "Nom nom nom chocolate!!"
027. "The really lucky people know just where to look!"
028. "When you do your spring cleaning.. don't forget to clean under the chair."
029. "Don't trip over it when you go upstairs."
030. "Jack-frost-in-a-box?"
031. "All Hunt are On third floor"
032. "Look High and Low..they say its out there somewhere"
033. "who left that on the table?"
035. "Cool off by the waterfall"
036. "Sunny Day + Warm Temperature=Tiny Bikini"
037. "My Llama loves a good popsicle"
038. "A walk on the moon will lead you on the right path"
039. "umbrella"
040. "walk in the door its front of your nose.but wayyy in back."
041. "dont Choker on the ice cream"
042. MIA
043. "Get comfy you'll see your gift."
045. "Look at the horizon.. turn back and see...."
046. "This one gone to the birds"
047. sizzling hot couples
048. [Has a hint giver at the landing point]
049. "Have a seat while you ponder - When the clock strikes 12:00 is it Noon or Midnight?"
050. "if you eat these you'll have a stomach ache..."
051. IDK. ??
052. "Your gift is in a COTTAGE, and if you check the HINT BOX by the landing point, you will get an extra clue."
053.Dont lean to far off the ledge."
054."Stephanie is very close!"
055."stars and moon"
056."the prize is in a wild corner"
057. I sit where the speakers give his lecture."
058. "Come chim with Me" Hint giver also. So item might be moved."
059. " love roses but specially one of those colors. Which one? come find out."
060. " I wonder whats on tv!"
061. "Just ask Bob."
062. "Carrots Are Good For you but Popsicle taste better!"
063. "Cliona is thirsty for this pop"
064. Skip for Now
065. "This store is like a maze after wondering around looking for your prize have a seat and Lounge for a while then you will find the prize you seek."
067. "Its out there keep looking. NO Hint they move it. "

Cabin Fever(is it summer yet!)
  • The Top 20 are the sponsor for the hunt.
  • The following stores will be apart of the 10L madness
  • 10l madness will be April 8 and 9th ONLY.
  • More logo to come as soon as I get them from the owners. thanks sue.