May Hunt.

Pride Brighten up the Darkness Starts May 1-30
As Summer gets closer and closer all I can think about is the parades and festival that are going to happen everywhere. I have to say one Parade I love and that Pride. So this hunt in May will be Pride Brighten up the Darkness. This hunt is going to be different I am accepting EVERYONE that wants to join. If you have pride then you can be in the hunt. It doesn't matter if your gay or straight its all about being open minded. If you like to be in this one copy and paste the general application and send back to Sutha Stoop.

Theme for your items Just suggestions, but something rainbow, gay pride, unisex item. These are just ideas as always its up to you and your creative skills. Sky is the limit.

Circus Freaks Starts May 15th-June 15th

As I was saying the summer coming I do think of festivals and fairs and who can forget the Circus. Applications for this hunt will be limited to the first 70. If I get a good response I may open to more stores.

Theme, just go crazy with it. Have fun and be creative.

Fill out General application on the sidebar and send to Sutha stoop.

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