Apple of my Eye

Starts April 2nd Ends April 30
Accepting application till hunt is full or till March 21 which ever comes first. (Only taking 60)

Open to Kids place and Not to Adult Main stores
If you have the following in your store please do not apply
-sexual role play items or clothing
-To mature for kids to see
- NO CLUB OR MALLS (Unless your a shop in the mall or your main store is located in the mall)

Interested please send note card to Sutha Stoop or Xandra Bressig.

Please refer to the blog here to see if you are in the hunt before asking either of us. Asking does not get us to accept you in the hunt please be patient and wait to see. If you are not in the hunt or have no notice then you were either to mature for this hunt or we didn't get the application in the event please contact one of us if you have been waiting longer then a week. Also if you see your name and didn't not receive hunt poster or any information please contact us. sl does like to eat stuff. Thanks ahead of time for your interest.

Accepted in the hunt. (New Applicants will be added every Friday till the close of hunt)
  1. Sour Pickles
  2. Kick.Rock
  3. Just 4 kids
  4. Love My Textures
  5. MollyWorld Dwellings
  6. GenkiGenki
  7. So Berry Licious
  8. Toxic Star
  9. Tao Tao Tano
  10. Purely Kids
  11. Brass In Pockets
  12. Mouthiiz
  13. Guestures by Nykeria
  14. Evaki
  15. Peer kids
  16. KandiWrapper
  17. Gothly Totz
  18. Shiny Shop Toy Store
  19. Sunshine Designs Kids
  20. JellyBean Furniture
  21. Dream
  22. Hello Kitty Land
  23. Larnia Kids
  24. Silus* Touch ({[S*T]})
  25. Follow the Rabbit
  26. Preshious princess
  27. Happy Tots
  28. Candy Moon
  29. Apple Blossom Kids
  30. Infinity Creations
  31. The Fairy Short
  32. Flutterfly Sugerplum and tots rule
  33. Appletree
  34. [EmEx]
  35. The Funny Farm
  36. LeoDesigns
  37. Kawaii Panda
  38. KISHI
  39. Terpsichore

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