Blame it on the POP!

♫ Blame it on the pop, blame it on the dance, blame it on the rock and roll/Blame it on the rumba, so in sync with the symphonic soul/I like that pop, I like that bass,/I like them rockin' electronic club beats/Blame it on the hip-hop music with the future flow ♫

Well this hunt all got start from a youtube video. I know we all had days where we just cant seem to get a certain song out or our heads.. So lets blame it all on the pop. The hunt is all about pop music, pop art, pop culture or just plain pop. lol .

Hunt starts- October 1-30 Looking for a record. Now you got the info lets see what these POPSTARS came up with. The Complete list with hints. Enjoy.

  1. Croire - Dance until the lights go down.
  2. []pole[]- Just DANCE while the records are still playing
  3. [bubble] - ooh there are guestures near!
  4. auTre Vintage Apperal - Gaga Love Vinyl
  5. Sour Pickles- Slideshow
  6. Brass in Pockets - Poor grams she still think her Phonograph is state of the art
  7. Cheeky Pea - Bookin It
  8. Callie cLine- NOT CONFIRMED
  9. Beautiful Disaster - I'm so precious, hell yea im the Mother F***in princess
  10. Love Zombie - Ouch! My Back!
  11. Moloko - Search on the back wall of the shop
  12. [aRAWRa] - Ooh! look at all the pretty colors!
  13. ODB - You'll find your Record in The Fair on the second floor.
  14. LaFlat - Raise the roof, Little Blackbird!
  15. Acide - I'm on the wall like a golden disc.
  16. Mango! Mango! - Yay! Gifties!
  17. Shush - COMING SOON!
  18. MAC'S SuperShack - Don't go blind looking!
  20. [SE] Designs- Can you hear the Beat that Girl is dancing to?
  21. Tw@tty C@ke - Groups are cool.
  22. MarMar Creations - Don't drop your pop in the dirt.
  23. Urban Republic -La Muerte is watching to the ceiling.
  24. Flutterby - Ahh! Comfy!
  25. Honey & Vinegar- NOT CONFIRMED
  26. Pink-X - posing animations part.
  27. Sophistishapes - Behind Sophia's collection of Pink gifts.
  28. Dead Bunny - Watch out or you might step on the record.
  29. Rozena Skins - turn the lights on
  30. Before Sleep - Near the Giant Bunny is where you will find me.
  31. Sweet - Thirsty? Why not grab a soda pop?
  32. Misera - I love to look out the windows.
  33. B-Dazzled - Monkey see, Monkey do, Monkey has a prize for you!
  34. Untamed - Where all the big fish swim.
  35. House of SOHO- NOT CONFIRMED
  36. Vixen Valour - Look for the Music
  37. Dark Vision - I just cut a new disc.
  38. Cilian gel - Nice and tidied on a shelf as it should be.
  39. Fluid Furniture - The right accessory can really make your avi pop.
  40. Malfean Vision - :I'll take eyes for 100, Alex" "...Eye isn't worth dingus"
  41. Paddy - It's All on the name.
  42. A&S Design - up Stairs
  43. Bella's - Express yourself
  44. Framed - It's not easy being green.
  45. enLightened - A Christmas Story for Halloween
  46. Damaged Virtual - Find me in a speaker
  47. WonderKids - Lockeroom
  48. Nik Kos - Relax and have a cosmo
  49. A&M Mocap - Pack it up(hint subject to change)
  50. Design 360 - For the record.. next best thing after diamonds...the way to win a womans heart
  51. Adoring Charm - Tinka found a record washed up on the beach.
  52. Maven Homes/natas Designs - its getting hot in here, Save me!
  53. K&G designs - Ouch dont step on me!
  54. CC Decor- These tree are kinda funky
  55. Pheobe - NOT CONFIRMED
  56. Caladesi Isla - Doesnt everyone love Bollywood?
  57. SEK's Electic Kreations - I'm up high, Just look for a bright, pop inspired piece of art and you should find me with no trouble.
  58. Greybeard Photo - NOT CONFIRMED?
  59. Authentic Republic - Time And Time Again
  60. Sweet Tooth - im in the Corner tucked in Tight..
  61. Evolve - Flirting is another way of communicating.
  62. Lemania Indigo - NOT CONFIRMED
  63. g-Serie - You SPIN me right round baby right round like a record.. baby.
  64. Guestures by Amy - These oxygen producers stand still all the time!
  65. Le bella - NOT CONFIRMED
  67. Splash out - Tipsy turtle balances on a barrel.
  68. Charisma Design - Don't Step down!
  69. Annabella's Song - There must be more to life than sitting wondering if there is more to life
  70. Pink A boo - A cake holds a prize
  71. X-Clusive Animations - Dance your way through the office and the kitchen until you reach the CLUB room.


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